Site Analysis and Property Valuation

This report combines a Site and Situation Analysis with the latest data from Market Research and a preliminary Financial Evaluation of possible scenarios. C&A will visit a property with a multi-disciplinary team and prepare a complete report containing the basic characteristics, limitations and potentials of the property.

This report includes the opinion of the environmental experts regarding the limitations presented by the property’s characteristics in relation to the current legislation, demonstrated using orto-photo maps and detailed description of flora and fauna at the site. Using elevations and topographic surveys and after the environmental filtering, a basic planning bubble (zones) design draft is presented.

This layer of information will allow the calculation of the basic revenue potential based on the actual market conditions. If the client does not provide the topographic survey, it is possible to obtain general maps of the area, but not with the necessary detail. Still the site inspection and these general maps provide enough information to draft a general distribution plan. In any case, we recommend that before starting any development or construction a complete master plan and a topographic survey has to be done by recommended specialists.

The Market Analysis inserted in the report will serve as information for the future positioning process of the project. Central America, and in particular Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama presents many business opportunities, deciding which one is not simple, and forecasting the future is risky. Using our experience and large data base reduces the risk and provides an effective .