Strategic Planning

Shiver Global Holdings Investment Fund

Description: Strategies for Investments Negotiation

Location: Shanghai & Beijing, China

Services: Identification of Opportunities, Investment Strategies

Rio Indio Lodge

Description: Action Emission for Capitalization

Location: San José, Costa Rica

Services: Action Emission Preparation

Company Acquisition

Description: Purchase of Construction Material Company

Location: San José, Costa Rica

Services: Company Appraisal and Acquisition Strategies

Dept Restructuring

Description: Property Valuation as guarantee in the dept restructuring process

Location: Cap Cana, Dominican Republic

Services: Property Valuation and Site Analysis

Medical Tourism

Description: Corporate Development Strategies for Medical Tourism Companies

Location: Managua, Nicaragua & Miami, USA

Services: Investment Strategies, Market Study

Hogar Zacarias Guerra Foundation

Description: Best Use of a Property

Location: Managua

Services: Market Study, Investment Strategies, Design of Product

Grupo Portalis

Description: Site Identification for Development of Shopping Center and Offices

Location: Managua

Services: Market Study for Shopping Center and Offices